Team £2 Challenge

Standing On The Shoulders of Giants

All teams have been given a £2 coin with the challenge to see how much you can make it grow.  The challenge ends on the Relay weekend.

The £2 is invested in you because we know that wwe have the best relay teams who will go that extra mile to help beat cancer sooner.

So, use your imagination, spend and invest wisely and see how much you can grow your £2 over the next few months.

How does it work?

It's easy, use your £2 to make some more money, some ideas are given below.

Then, reinvest your profits in something else and make a little bit more money.

You can use the money however you like; buying and selling, using your team talents, doing odd jobs just see where your imagination takes you.


Sweet Things

Visit the Pound Shop and buy bags of sweets and lollies.  Make up party favors.

Lollipops can make the body of a card butterfly.

Have a Guess the number of sweets in the jar competition.

Hold a sweet stall