The Windsor Enclosure Ascot Racecourse

What is Relay For Life?

Relay For Life is a unique community event, teams fundraise all year and over the Relay weekend come together to celebrate their efforts in a 24 hour celebration.  As well as raising money for Cancer Research UK, Relay celebrates cancer survivors, promotes cancer awareness and remembers those lost to cancer.

Relay began in 1985 when Dr. Gordon "Gordy" Klatt walked and ran for 24 hours around a track in Tacoma, Washington, raising money for the American Cancer Society. Today there are Relays in 26 countries around the world with 4 million people fundraising to beat cancer.  

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Another Relay year is over, teams have walked for 24 hours, cycled on an exercise bike for 24 hours and raised £52,013.67.  We have danced and sung, dressed in amazing costumes, done some crazy laps of the track and had a fun-filled weekend.

Thank you to our wonderful teams for your support and and fundraising.  Thank you to everyone who made a donation to those teams and to those who came along over the Relay weekend.  Thank you to our survivors, you are the reason we relay.  Thank you to our corporate supporters, those who have donated products or services to make sure relay can go ahead.  And a big thank you to the Ascot Relay Committee who plan all year and put in so much effort to ensure everyone had a wonderful weekend.





This is a great opportunity to team up with people you know to help beat cancer. Just get together 8-15 people to be your team, register, and then join us over the Relay weekend for 24 hours of fun, celebration and commemoration.

On the day team members take it in turns to walk round the track for 24 hours. This marks the fact that cancer never sleeps.

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Candles of Hope

As dusk falls, the atmosphere quietens for the Candle of Hope ceremony. This is the most poignant part of Relay For Life. Candle of Hope Bags - decorated with messages to loved ones affected by cancer - are lit and placed round the track.  They remain alight to inspire teams as they continue to walk through the night.Visitors are welcome at the Candle of Hope Ceremony which begins at 10pm.

There is more information on the Candle of Hope page


Anyone who has ever had a cancer diagnosis is invited to come along to Relay as a special guest. Cancer survivors of all ages start Relay by walking the first lap. They are cheered on and supported by family, friends and teams. Survivors are also asked to bring along a carer, someone who has supported them through their treatment so that they can walk in a special carers lap. This gives survivors the chance to thank the people who have helped them through their diagnosis. Visit the survivors page for more information.