Fundraising Ideas 
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Car wash Quiz Concert
Jail and Bail: Willing participants such as a school head, mayor, or local celebrity are cuffed and booked.  Housed in a make shift cell participants make phone calls and plead for donations to anyone passing by in order to make bail.  At the same time, sell refreshments to people who stop by to visit the jail bird! This works especially well if you get a local celebrity or public figure to agree to be jailed.  Who’s the Baby?: Get people to submit a baby photo, and then everyone can guess whose picture is whose.  Charge an entry fee and offer a prize to the person who gets the most right Curry Night: cook your own delicious curry with all the trimmings.  Ask friends to donate what they would have spent on a takeaway.  Include a film for a good night in.
Pancake party Murder Mystery Night Bingo
Tribute Act Night Dance Mat night Movie night
Race Night Stall at local fete/fair  Pamper Evening 
Cycle Challenge:  Get sponsored to cycle on an exercise bike the distance from lands end to John O'Groats or another distance.  Golden Ticket:  100 envelopes, some with a small prize inside.  Have 5 Golden tickets for a bigger prize, Charge for each envelope. £1 Challenge:  Give each team member £1 and ask them to see how much they can turn it into by the week before Relay. 
Raffles Name the teddy  Coffee morning at work